Changing Tides

Changing Tides


“Coming!” Zehira rushed to the front door and was surprised to see Shira at her front door.
“H-hi. What are you doing here?” She opened the door further and invited her friend in.
“I am here because I figured that you could use a friend.” Shira walked inside the house holding her baby in one arm and a bottle of wine in another.
“Wow! This house hasn’t changed at all. Well, this is new.” She stopped in the foyer to look at the picture of Zehira’s parents.
“Oh yeah. That. My parents sent me that picture while they were in Israel. It was the last time I saw them.” She quickly walked into the kitchen and away from the picture.
“So. How are you doing?” Shira elongated the words as if she knew something that she wanted Zehira to bring up.
“I’m good. Fine. Great. And who’s this?” She motioned to the baby in Shira’s arms.
“This is Kai.” She looked sweetly into the small baby’s hazel eyes.
“It’s hawaiian.” She chuckled lightly at the question. “It means the sea; lovable. I went to Hawaii during my second trimester and fell in love with the culture.”
“Yeah. I know. It was all you would talk about when you came back.”
“Oh here.” Shira handed her friend the bottle of wine that she had been carrying.
“No. No, I don’t drink.” She took a step back, rejecting the bottle from Shira.
“Okay.” She responded slowly. “Why?”
“Um… I can’t drink anymore. I have been having trouble with…uh, stuff and I turned to drinking.” She looked down in embarrassment.
“Oh! Omigosh. I’m so sorry. If I had known-” Shira face dropped in hearing this about her friend.
“Don’t worry about it. How is motherhood treating you?”
“I love it. It is so amazing. Besides the sleep deprivation, it is so wonderful.” She looked down at her sleeping baby daughter in love.
They made their way outside to the patio as the sun glistened off the sandy shore.
“How’s David doing?” Shira pressed.
“You waste no time, do you.” A smile grew across her face.
“Well I want to know.” She adjusted Kai from one arm to the other.
“He is…so amazing. He is like Superman. Sweet, caring, sensitive and so hot.” She could feel her cheeks growing warm.
“Really?” She settled back into her chair and smiled. “So you like him then?”
“Yeah. I like him.”
“Have you kissed him?”
“Yes. We kissed.”
“Have you, ya know?”
“What?! No!” Zehira raised her voice in shock at the inquiry.
“Its a honest question.”
“No it’s not. You know me, Shira. I don’t do that until I am married. It’s a commitment thing. I don’t want to, you know, do that until I know that he is committed to me.” Zehira reminded her friend.
“I know, I know. I just can’t believe that you are still a virgin. I mean, you lived with Ramon but never slept with him.”
“Like I said. It’s a loyalty thing.”
“You are truly a fascinating person.” Shira looked down at Kai who was beginning to wake. “Here. Could you? I really have to pee.” She stretched out her daughter to Zehira.
“Sure, sure.” Zehira took the small baby into her arms and swayed back and forth. She gazed at Kai taking note of the small dimples on her face and the chubby cheeks. She sat there on the patio enamored with the beautiful infant.
“She likes you.” Shira said from behind her.
“Do you want her back?”
“Eventually. But you can hold her for now. It will give me a chance to stretch my arms.” “This is such a gorgeous view. I’m totally jealous.” She settled back into her chair and looked out to the ocean.
“It really is.” Zehira muttered down at the cooing baby.


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