An Unlikely Savoir

Chapter 17 Husky

“Hi there!” Aren’t you the cutest thing?” Zehira bent down to the cage that held a 9 month old labrador. She was at the local kennel looking for a dog to adopt.

“This is Charlie.” The kennel worker said introducing the white Lab. “We found him on the side of the road digging through the trash.”

“He’s a sweetie.” She stood back up and walked to the next cage where there was a beautiful white husky napping on the cold cement.

“This is Adina. She’s been with us for a year or so.”

“Why hasn’t she been adopted?”

“She has a lot of energy and people here don’t want to take care of her.”

“Can I meet her?” Zehira asked the worker.

“Of course.” The worker unlocked the cage as Adina awoke from her nap and stepped carefully out of the cage. The worker clipped a leash on the husky.


She opened her front door of the beach-house and unclipped the leash to her new dog, Adina. The husky followed her around the house and then settled down at the foot of the couch. Zehira opened the glass sliding door and whistled, inviting her new pet into the warm sunshine.

“Come on Adina.” She steps outside onto the patio and Adina follows. They walk down to the beach and the dog races toward the water.

Zehira races after her but then slows when she realizes that the husky loves the ocean. She walks along the shoreline, her feet splashing in the ankle high water and Adina follows. Her dog pranced in the foam going no further than 50 feet away from her new owner.

A man comes up from behind Zehira. She is surprised by this stranger but doesn’t say anything, hoping that the man will continue in front of her. Adina stops running in the water and begins to slowly make her way over to her owner.

“Hey there sexy, how ya doing?” The man walks in front of her and turns around, facing Zehira.

She steps to the side avoiding the man and quickens her pace. He catches up quickly.

“Come on, sweetheart. Give me a smile.”

“I’m not interested.” She continues to avoid eye contact with the stranger and walks faster.

“Oh yeah?” He grabs her by the wrist.

“Let go of me now.” She stops in her tracks and keeps her tone even but forceful.

“Kitty likes it rough huh?” He pulls her closer to him, keeping a tight grip on her wrist.

“I said let go.” She pushed down her Marine instincts in hopes that the stranger would give up and walk away.

“Yeah but you don’t mean it-”

Her instincts kicked in and she twists his arm and throws him on the ground. She places her knee on top of his chest and stares him in the eye.

“Leave me alone.” She says forcefully.

He breathlessly nods his head and she rises to her feet and walks in the opposite direction. She didn’t get very far until he caught up to her and threw himself on top of her, body slamming her into the sand. He was pushing her face into the gritty sand making it impossible for her to call out. Suddenly, she heard a scream and he was no longer on top of her. She crawled out from under his grasp. Turning around, she saw her attackers leg was in the jaws of the husky. Adina had raced from behind and chomped down on the man’s calf. She quickly jumped to her feet in surprise at her dog’s loyalty. Not wasting another second, Zehira raced down the beach leaving the man whimpering in pain as he clutched his punctured leg.  

She ran through the sand and didn’t stop until she reached her house a few minutes later. She burst into her house, safe from harm. Breathlessly, she raced around her house locking each window and entrance. Looking around the room, she realized that something more like someone was missing. She went to the back and saw her loyal dog sitting at the back patiently, waiting to be let in. She threw open the door and embraced the dog in grateful thanks, feeling the quiet thump thump of Adina’s heartbeat. She could feel panic rising in her chest so she focused on the soft feel of Adina’s hair through her fingers. Within minutes, it subsided and she returned to normal. She gave the sweet dog a gentle pet in gratitude; Adina had helped her in more ways than one.


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